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We'll Bring Your Home

Back to The Way It Was!

At Smart Dry of Central Florida, we strive to be your point of contact regarding fire, smoke, and water damage restoration services. We will go above and beyond to perform disaster cleanup services that are extensive and thorough, that your home will look like nothing ever happened.

Our services include:

Water Removal: 

We’ll completely remove and dehumidify your belongings and affected areas of your home.

Leak Detection:

Using ultrasonic equipment and moisture detection tools, our team will locate leaks under foundation slabs, behind walls, in the ceiling, and from the roof.

Fire Damage:

With the use of fogging machines and ozone generators, we’ll get rid of the smell and purify the air. Then we will proceed to remove and clean the damaged material. Afterward, we’ll start the fire mitigation process.

Smoke Damage:

We will carefully wipe down surfaces to remove soot and smoke residue from the affected surfaces until it’s clean. Then we’ll purify the air using fogging machines and ozone generators.

Roof Tarp:

We will carefully place large tarps to protect your roof and the interior of your home from further water damage.

Insurance Claims:

We will work directly with homeowners and if requested with the insurance companies regarding claims for your fire and water damage. 

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